About SCIL

SCIL Stockport Centre for Independent Living LogoStockport Centre for Independent Living (SCIL) is a user led charity run set up by Disability Stockport to promote Independent Living for everyone in the local community in Stockport and all surrounding areas.

Established in 2009, it seeks to promote choice and control and full inclusion across the community. We do this through a range of direct services as well as partnership work with other charities and agencies, to promote equality and to remove barriers to becoming an active citizen and leading a full, inclusive life as part of our community.

Our current services include: Information and advice; Peer Support, Life Coaching and Money Management. these are in addition to other services provided by Disability Stockport and partner agencies based at our centre.

Disability Stockport is a charity organisation that has been dedicated to supporting and helping disabled people since 1979.

For information and details on Disability Stockport and the services it provides visit the website : www.disabilitystockport.co.uk

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