Meet The Team

The Manager of Stockport CIL

Sara Crookdake

Sara manages Independent living at SCIL. She organises the team to provide the best services possible and embodies everything we strive to achieve as a Centre for Independent Living, aiming to make them a reality.

Sara Crookdake

Our Peer Support Workers

  • We have two on site peer support workers who work as a team to bring people, families and communities together.
  • One to Ones with our peer support workers enables people to meet their goals with close support in a community of their choosing.
  • Help provided in setting up a range of solutions that enable peer support exchanges to take place and develop organically.
  • Recruitment and induction of a team of volunteer peer support workers supported by us.

Nicky EvansJohn Kenny

Nicky Evans & John Kenny

Our Life Coach – Karen

  • Delivers  life skills support through one to one or group work activities.
  • Helps people set goals to achieve change and positive improvements.
  • Assists people in developing problem solving skills and coping strategies.
  • Provides support for/access to independent living skills

Karen Lavelle

Karen Lavelle





Our Money Project Worker and Other Services

  • Offers advice on money management and living on a budget that enables people to have greater choice and control over their lives.
  • Provides support brokerage                                                           Adele Moore – Money ManagementAdele Moore

Community Engagement

  • Re-introduce people to social and communal activities.
  • Engage people in personal development & new interests.
  • Ease people back into the community who have been absent for long periods. (Home bound etc.)

Nadine Travers

Community Engagement Officer

Nadine Travers